Jonathan and Melissa Helser

Bethel Music

Authors: Ed Cash, Melissa Helser, Molly Skaggs

Description: Lyric video for Strength by Jonathan & Melissa Helser, from the album Beautiful Surrender. Included in each download is a full master version of the song.

Song Lyrics:

I climb up above up higher above the tree line

Cause I wanna to see your face
The mountains hight and the valleys deep
But you are waiting there in the clearing

With fire in your eyes
Fire in your eyes

You wash me clean with clear bright watere
Running down my soul
you cloth me with the oil of laughter
and joy begins to take control

Like fire in your eyes
Like Fire in your eyes

You give me strength
You lift my weary heart
You are the fire in my veins

You give me strength
You raise me up again
I will never be the same

You God never grow tired or faint
You never gonna change the way
You love me Jesus Your love knows no height or depth
And knows no length or width

And it's changing me again

No Longer Available for Purchase