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Description: We Cry Out is featured on the Wake Up The World album. The download of this song includes a Click, Split and Full track that is paired with a beautiful lyric video. This will make a great addition to any worship setting.

We Cry Out

Father of Life seated on your throne of Grace,
its only by your mercy, we are saved.
Lord you've said, if we call upon your name,
we and are familes we be saved.

So we cry out Your name, El Shaddai, God of Grace,
Lord Most High, Jesus Christ.
We rely on your grace, Adonai crowned in praise,
Lord Most High, Jesus Christ.
Jesus, Jesus.

Father of love, never failing to forgive,
each moment is a gift from You to live.
We're only here to tell the world about Your Grace,
Until the day that You take us all away.

Jesus, Jesus
We cry out Your name, we cry out, cry it out
Abba Father, Adonai, El Shaddai
You alone are God

Abba Father, Saviour, God of Might, alleluia,
God of my Healing, crying out, Abba Father, Adonai, Abba Father, Adonai, El Shaddai
You alone are God


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