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Description: Not Ashamed is featured on the Forever Yours album. This download includes a lyric video that is great for any worship setting. The download of this song also includes the Click and Full track versions.

Song Lyrics:

The power of your love
?Running through my heart
?Shame has lost it's grip on me

The glory of your cross
?Shining on my soul
?Grace has got a hold on me

From the rooftops

I'm not ashamed of the one who saved my soul
?I'm not ashamed of the one who saved my soul, my soul
?This fire inside of me is burning for your name
?I'm not ashamed! hey! hey!
?No, I'm not ashamed! hey! hey!

The flame is getting stronger
?The song is playing louder
?We can't hide this love away

There's nothing to fear now
?Send us in your power
?Jesus, take us all the way!

?We'll be that city on the hill
?Burning brightly, let it be
?We'll be a light to the world,
?Shining Your glory, I'm not ashamed


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