Corey Voss

Integrity Music

Authors: Corey Voss, Jamie Lee Riddle, May Angeles, The Emerging Sound

Description: From the album "Songs of Heaven and Earth" by Corey Voss comes Lift Oh Gates

Chord Chart: E
Lead Sheet: E
Piano - Vocal: E

Song Lyrics

Let the host of heaves come rejoicing,
Let the waters, wave and rocks cry out
Let ev’ry saint of God roar like thunders breaking out

Let the freedom singers raise an anthem
Let the streets resound with joy and praise
For the river filled with gladness and with grace

Lift, oh gates, open wide
Come to life, come to life
Lamb of God, crucified
The warrior is alive. Come to life

In the name of Jesus valleys rise now
In the name of Jesus mountains bow
In the name of Jesus return to Father’s house

See the church arising it is time now, time now
See the Kingdom coming it is here now, here now
See the Son returning for His bride now
Sing a new song, sing a new song