IFC Worship

Integrity Music

Authors: Debora Sita, Dave Kull

Description: IFC Worship presents their new single, Go With Me (Emmanuel)

Chord Chart: G Lead Sheet: G Piano - Vocal: G

Song Lyrics

This is not how I thought that it would be
Crying on the floor; Emmanuel
All that I desire slipping through my hands
Like the sand of time; Emmanuel

Down on my knees
I’m waiting on you
Still I know

God with me, I must not forget
You have never left, You have never left
And all I see is but a glimpse of what will be
You are greater still, you are greater still

This is not how I that it would be to carry
Hope in me; Emmanuel
I should sing for joy, oh, but I feel overwhelmed
This calling is to great; Emmanuel

Greater than all my deepest fears
Greater than all my wildest dreams
Your thoughts for me are higher
Your plans by far exceed
Every hope I’ve long since lost
Every doubt I can’t let go
Your ways are so much better than what I can see


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