Integrity Music

Authors: Andy Harrison

Description: From the album "Legacy" by Planetshakers comes Prophesy (Live From Melbourne)

Chord Chart: Eb
Lead Sheet: Eb
Piano - Vocal: Eb

Song Lyrics

Breaking off ev’ry chain, and the fear that held me
I refuse to agree with the lies they told me

I take up my position speak to all my conditions
Take the authority You won for me

The word of the Lord in my mouth
To bring about the change
Full of Your power I step out
Declare aloud Your praise
I prophesy
I prophesy I prophesy

I’m stepping up to become ev’rything You’ve called me
I believe in Your word, and Your Spirit in me

I’ll praise You, like I’ve never known defeat
I’ll praise You, ev’ry second You’ve redeemed
I’ll praise You, Your power rests on me.

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