Integrity Music

Authors: Mitch Wong

Description: From the album "Legacy" by Planetshakers comes Be My Vision (Live In Melbourne)

Chord Chart: E
Lead Sheet: E
Piano - Vocal: E

Song Lyrics

Be my vision, when the waves are closing in
Keep my focus, on the peace You breathe within
And my heart will fear no more, as I turn to face You, Lord

Take this life, let glory and majesty
Flood my eyes, Lord, overwhelm me

‘Tis all that I see is You
Be my vision, when I reach life’s greatest day
Give me wisdom, that I would humble myself and pray
Teach my heart to lean on You, Lord, in ev’rything I do

‘Tis all that I see is You, ‘till all that I see is You
‘Tis all that I see is You, Jesus

I can see You now; I can see You now
Lord, You are here with me, You’re present in ev’rything
So I lift my voice, I have resolved to serve You, Lord
Jesus be all I see; Jesus in ev’rything

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