Alisa Turner

Integrity Music

Authors: Michael Farren, Alisa Turner

Description: From the self-titled album "Alisa Turner" comes Not Even Now

Chord Chart: B
Lead Sheet: B
Piano - Vocal: B

Song Lyrics

Though the world around us may be shaking
Though the darkness rolls in like a flood
We will fix our eyes on what’s unchanging
Standing on the truth of who You are

Not even now are You defeated
Not even now are we alone
Not even now are You less than Almighty God
Not even, not even now

Not even, not even now.
Though sometimes the future seems uncertain
Though sometimes we’re faced with the unknown
Nothing’s gonna strip You of Your power
Nothing’s gonna shake You from Your throne

Not even if the sky is falling
Not even if the enemy roars
Yours is eternal glory
You are forever strong.