Alisa Turner

Integrity Music

Authors: Tony Wood, Michael Farren, Alisa Turner

Description: From the self-titled album "Alisa Turner" comes More Than Gonna Make It

Chord Chart: D
Lead Sheet: D
Piano - Vocal: D

Song Lyrics

Truth is I’ve known my share of heartache
How deeply I have felt the crushing loss
I’ve stood so many times
Out on the edges and ledges,
Wrestled with the darkest kind of thought
But even then, He was good
Even then, I understood

I’m more than gonna make it,
I’m mote than gonna live,
I’m more than just surviving,
‘cause of who He is I win
I’m more than overcoming
Oh, I wear a crown of grace
And this world can never take it;
Let the hard times hear me say it;
I’m more than gonna make it,
I’ll make it, I’ll make it

From where I stand now there’s no question
I’ve never been forsaken or alone
The God who claims the waves
Out on the ocean has spoken,
And that’s enough to keep me moving on.

He’s my defender
And my provider,
My steady rock, my champion
He’s my sustainer,
My hope and courage,
And in whatever’s yet to come.