Jesus Culture

Worship Together

Authors: Jason Ingram, Jordan Frye

Description: From the album "Love Has a Name" by Jesus Culture comes Infinite

Chord Chart: All
Lead Sheet: E, A, G
Piano - Vocal: E, A, G
Worship Band Bundle: E, A, G

Song Lyrics

I hear your voice
Through the madness all around me
I feel You here
When my world falls apart
As I walk
I know You will go before me
I can feel Your hand in mine

Oh You’re never too far away, far away
Oh You’re only on breath away, breath away

Your love in infinite
Your love is measureless
You won’t run out on me
You won’t run out on me
Your love is deep and wide
Stretching from sea to sky
You won’t run out on me
You won’t run out on me

I see Your face
In the dawn of the morning
I see Your majesty
In the stars that fill the night
I stand amazed at the wonders of Your glory
Even now I can feel Your heart in mine

Throughout the age
You never change
I’m captivated once again
Here in Your arms
Close to Your heart
The King of Kings has called me friend