Jesus Culture

Worship Together

Authors: Chris Quilala, Joshua Silverberg, Ran Jackson, Ricky Jackson

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Description: From the album "Love Has a Name" by Jesus Culture comes Make Us One

Chord Chart: All
Lead Sheet: C, A, G
Piano - Vocal: C, A, G
Worship Band Bundle: C, A, G

Song Lyrics

One with the Father, one with the Spirit
One with the Son of God
One with our sister, one with our brother
One family by the blood

Make us one, make us one
Your will be done, make us one

One heart with heaven, one mind connected
One body unified
Bind us together now and forever
Jesus be glorified

We confess all our offenses
We confess we’ve been afraid
We repent of all our pride
Let all the hurt be washed away
For all the wars and violence against our enemy
Restore our family

Make us one, make us one
Let your kingdom come and make us one.