Dustin Smith | We Are The Roar

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Authors: Dustin Smith, Alisa Turner, Ryan Shirley

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Description: Charts from the song "Irreversible" by We Are The Roar from the album, Miracles - The Healing Project.

Chord Chart: C

Song Lyrics

Taunts of darkness do not phase our trust
Circumstances have no hold on us
We stand firm, our God has made a way
We rest in a hope that can’t be changed

You forever reign
Heaven on display
The curse is gone
It's finished it's done
It's irreversible

Threats of hell may come and arrows fly
We just watch them as they pass us by
We will not be moved, we’re not afraid
Age to age, our God always remains

Forever You’ll be known
As the One who overcomes
Our victory is sure
By the power of Your blood
You overruled the grave
It cannot be undone
It’s irreversible


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