Dustin Smith | We Are The Roar

Integrity Music

Authors: Matt Hooper

Description: Charts from the song "Dance Again" by We Are The Roar from the album, Miracles - The Healing Project.

Chord Chart: D

Song Lyrics

Praise Him when your heart is breaking
Praise Him, when your strength is almost gone
Lift up your song (and)
Praise Him in the fire and fury
Praise Him in the dark night of your soul
Your God is in control

Your tears will dry
Your heart will mend
Your scars will heal
And you will dance again

Praise Him, tell your neighbors all about Him
Let the whole earth sing and shout it
Our God is faithful
Praise Him for His love and mercy
Praise Him for His grace and favor
Praise Him our God is faithful

Praise Him, He is strong and mighty
Praise Him, He is holy, holy
Praise Him, He is always in control
His love has conquered all
His love has conquered all

And/for of His kingdom there will be no end
For Christ our King is coming back again
He’s coming back again
He’s coming back again


Lift up your song (and)


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