Dustin Smith | We Are The Roar

Integrity Music

Authors: Dustin Smith, Rhyan Shirley, Alisa Turner

Description: Charts from the song "Breath On Us" by We Are The Roar from the album, Miracles - The Healing Project.

Chord Chart: Ab

Song Lyrics

You said ask and we’ll receive
You said seek and we will find
You said wait and we will see
The promise of God

Fill our lungs
With Your Holy Spirit
Flood our hearts
Only You can fill us
Arms open wide
Come and breathe on us, Lord

You said rest here at Your feet
You said drink and thirst no more
You said taste and we will see
The goodness of God

Our hearts cry out for Your presence
Longing for Your breath of heaven
Our souls yearn for more of You, Lord
Fill us with Your breath of heaven


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