Hillsong United

Worship Together

Authors: Joel Houston, Dylan Thomas, Benjamin Hastings, Adohan King

Description: From the album “Wonder” by Hillsong United comes the song "Glimmer In The Dust".

Chord Chart: All Keys
Lead Sheet: D, C, B
Piano- Vocal: D, C, B
Worship Band Bundle: All Keys

Song Lyrics

I was lost in a moment
A glimmer in time
Like a child chasing shadows
My back to the light
I was lost in a fog till
You caught my eye
Through the smoke and the mirrors
A glimmer of life

I know there’s a place I belong
Where I’ll see the fullness of love
A child face to face with my God Lost in
Your awesome wonder While I wait
I will not be afraid
My faith will remain all the same
My hope in the things not yet seen
Found in the greatest of these

I found love in a moment
Exploding in light
At the cross where the curtains
Were ripped from my eyes
I found heaven in pieces
In glimmer and dust
Broken glass in reflection
Till we shine like the sun

I know that You love me I know that
You love me Your love never fails
Your love never fails
When all’s said and done
All that matters is love
So let love take over
Not just in part
But in all that You are
Let Your love take over