Covenant Worship

Integrity Music

Authors: Israel Houghton, David Binion, Joshua Dufrene, Colin Edge

Description: “Persuaded” featuring Colin Edge and Gracie Binion by Covenant Worship from their album “Sand & Stars”.
Chord Chart: C
Lead Sheet: C
Piano-Vocal: C

Song Lyrics
Your love is so deep
Your love is so wide
It stretches so far
It reaches so high
Oh this love You have for me

In all of my fear
In all of my doubt
Your love is always enough
It never runs out
Oh this love that makes me sing

There is nothing in the world
Nothing like Your love for me
No one captivates me like You do
There is nothing I could face
No one that could take Your place
Nothing I would trade to be with You
Just to be with You
No valley too low
No mountain too high
No place I could go
No where I could hide
God Your love still reaches me

I am persuaded
Of this one thing
There’s no separation
Nothing can change Your love for me