Prestonwood Worship

Integrity Music

Authors: Paul Baloche, Michael Neale

Description: From the song “We Turn Our Eyes” by Prestonwood Worship, from the album Songs of the People (Live). Chord Chart and Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Key A) and Leadsheet (All Keys).

Song Lyrics:

We the people, Your people
Come to You with open hearts
Only in Your name and through the cross
Lord forgive us, God forgive us
Heal our lives, come restore
The joy of Your salvation
Like once before, like before

We turn our eyes to You Jesus
We turn our eyes upon You

O the beauty of Your holiness
O the beauty of Your strength
O the glory of Your majesty
O the wonders of Your grace

You’ve been faithful, so faithful
Pouring out love so great
Your morning dawns with hope
And mercies new, every day

We turn, we turn, we turn our eyes
We turn our eyes upon You