Matt Redman

Worship Together

Authors: Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin, Natasha Bedingfield

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Description: From the song “Help From Heaven” on the These Christmas Lights album by Matt Redman. Lead sheet, Piano-Vocal-Guitar, Chord Chart and Worship Band Bundle (G, D, E).

Song Lyrics:

There is a moment
Every heart needs a rescue
There is a season
Every soul needs a breakthrough
Help from heaven
We all need?
Help from heaven

There is a whisper
A voice of hope inside you
There is an answer
A name above to guide you
Help from heaven
? We all need
Help from heaven

When the world is on our shoulders
And we need a hand to hold us
When no miracle is found, still believe
When the sea of night surrounds us
And all questions try to drown us
Just believe … just believe… in help from heaven

There is a reason
These tears have not been wasted
There is a future
For all these broken pieces
Look to heaven
? All we need
Is help from heaven

When the road ahead is hidden
And we need a new beginning
When the battle’s closing in,
Still believe, o o o
One more step into the promise
And the hands of grace that hold us
Just believe … just believe… in help from heaven

Taking heart and holding on
Hope is closer than we know
Heaven will not let us go…
Help from heaven…