Seth and Nirva

Integrity Music

Authors: Corey Voss, Ryan Shirley

Description: From the song “Fill The Silent Night” on the Majesty in a Manger album by various artists. Lead sheet, Piano-Vocal-Guitar and Chord Chart (Key of B).

Song Lyrics:

Jesus Christ ?Born this day
Heaven’s gift
Hell’s dismay
Glories stream
?Shepherds quake
God with us
The silence breaks

Peace on earth
?Good news, great joy
?The King is here
And all rejoice
We will never tire
Singing You have come
Oh, Emmanuel
Holy Son of God?
We will lift You up
We will flood the skies
?Join the angels’ song
Fill the silent night

Wise men’s feet
Led by light
Beneath the star
Lay Love divine
In darkest hour
Hope arrived
With authority
To pierce the night

Peace on earth
Good news, great joy
The King is here
And all rejoice

Praises rising, earth responding
For this promise now unfolding
Heaven’s gift now in our grasp
Oh Christ has come
He’s come at last