Paul Baloche

Integrity Music

Authors: Paul Baloche, Aaron Gillespie

Description: Charts for the song "I Will Worship You" by Paul Baloche, from his 2016 album Your Mercy. Chord chart, Piano-Vocal & PVG (Key D) Lead Sheet (All Keys).

When I'm losing, when I'm broken
When I'm sinking like a stone, and it feels like I'm alone

I will worship You
When I'm so scared, life seems unfair
When I'm tired and lose my way
when I'm feeling so ashamed

You are the anchor to my soul
Draw me to You and don't let go
Only Your love can make me whole
Jesus I worship You. O Jesus I worship You

When I'm dancing, when I'm hopeful
When I'm feeling mercy's hand,
I will worship You
When chains are broken,
when healing's coming
When Your forgiveness floods my heart,
this is my brand new start
I will worship You

Jesus I worship You. Jesus I worship You
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, our God reigns