Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Worship Together

Authors: Joshua Silverberg, Sarah Reeves, Bryan and Katie Torwalt

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Description: From the song “You Never Let Go”, from the “Champion” album, the third full-length release by Jesus Culture Music artists, Bryan and Katie Torwalt.

Piano-Vocal, Lead Sheet, and Chord Chart: Key of D, E and F

Written by Bryan Torwalt, Katie Torwalt, Joshua Silverberg, and Sarah Reeves

Song Lyrics:

You’re not a distant God Not just a legend of old In the middle of the darkness There is no moment I’m alone

Your love, can’t be outdone A love that You never withhold You are constant, always with me In Your presence I am home

You never let go Never let go Never let go You pull me in close Pull me in close Pull me in close

I will rest in You You’re my peace, You are my refuge Under the shelter of Your wings, God You’re the promise I hold on to

Even in my darkest hour When the fire is all around God, You have never left me You are good, You are good