Life Worship

Integrity Music

Authors: Chris Sayburn, Jonathan James

Description: From the song “Closer" on the Wide Open Space album by LIFE Worship.

Piano_Vocal, Lead Sheet, Chord Chart: E

Song Lyrics:

I'm coming closer than I've ever been
despite all my failure
You welcome me here
I look to You and I see the love in Your eyes

Father, I am Yours
My sin and shame there at the cross
I'm letting go

So I come, come back to where I belong
home in Your presence into Your arms
Father to You I come
pour out my worship
my love, my heart surrendered
I'm overcome, I'm sinking deeper into Your love

We are chosen we are loved
we're sons and daughters
we are ever in Your love
So I love

Closer and closer
You draw near to me
Your love surrounds me
my heart is set free You take my fear
and You give me life, again