Hillsong Young & Free

Worship Together

Authors: Benjamin Hastings, Ben Tan

Description: From the song "In Your Eyes" on the Youth Revival album by Hillsong Young and Free.

LS and PVG: E, F, G and Chord Charts.

Song Lyrics:

Skylines and crowded streets
Calling my attention
The limelight and empty dreams
Grieving my affections
But there is a perfect Voice
Waiting above the noise
Jesus my only choice
When all the lights are screaming

Then I
I get lost in Your eyes
And find the clarity to life
The world when all the colors rage
But I'm not gonna look away, no
I get lost in Your eyes

I've read all the glossy guides
To living in contentment
I've heard all the pretty lies
And all of them are vacant
But You are a love unique
My heart, my identity
Jesus you're all I need
And see the rest is nothing