Dustin Smith

Integrity Music

Authors: Dustin Smith, Bailey Rudoski

Views: 1587

Description: From the song “Wonders” on the Healing Project Album by Dustin Smith.

Chord Chart: F

Song Lyrics:

I created you to be my people
I called you my own and said I'd be Your God
I will never leave you or forsake you
I'm right where you are, I'm right where you are

I have come to take off every limit
I need you to stand up in the fire
There's no power of darkness that can stop you
When I'm by your side, I'm by your side

I will do wonders among you
Now let my healing surround you
Open Your heart, open your heart
Through every trial I am stable
I will be nothing but faithful
I am your God, I am your God

Through every battle, in every fight
Through every fear, in the darkest of nights
I'll be there, I'll be there
Through every desert, in every storm
Through every hurt, in the midst of the war
I'll be there, i'll be there


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