Dustin Smith

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Authors: Krissy Nordhoff, Dustin Smith, Corey Voss

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Description: From the song “Reach Out Your Hand” on the Healing Project Album by Dustin Smith.

Chord Chart: C

Song Lyrics:

I’m pressing through the dark
Pursuing who You are
Holding to this truth
That You are always good

I’m standing tall and brave
Against the crashing waves

I’m not afraid to hope
Though my flesh is weak
I find my faith secure
Underneath Your wings

Reach out Your hand and touch me
Come like a flood, healing rain
Breathe out Your life revive me
Just speak a word and make me whole
I know You can I know You will
I know You can I know You want to

I will not let this moment pass me by
I throw myself into Your arms of life
So speak Your faithful word a thousand times
I come alive, I come alive


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