Greg Sykes

Integrity Music

Authors: Jennie Lee Riddle, Greg Sykes, Fanny Crosby

Description: Song “In Life And Death” by Greg Sykes from the Blessed Assurance: The New Hymns of Fanny Crosby.

Piano-Vocal, Lead Sheet, Chord Chart: Db

Song Lyrics:

All fear of sorrow, loss or pain
Eclipsed by treasure that we’ll gain
By way of cross, by way of grave
We press on to see Your face
We press on to see Your face

In life and death
Our joy and song
Is Jesus Christ
Exalted One

So consecrate us, sanctify
In brightest day or darkest night
Lord be in us a flame that shines
Through Your Church be glorified

Forever Forever

As time wears on and shadows fall
We will rejoice that soon the dawn
Will break and we’ll hear trumpets call
The Bride will rise to meet the Son

Forever and ever