Integrity Music

Authors: Joth Hunt

Description: From the song “Glorious Collisione" by Planetshakers

Piano-Vocal & Lead Sheet: F

Song Lyrics:

Such a tragedy, oh it’s overtaken me
I never thought that this could be
I’ve got no one left
Tears flooded in my eyes, I couldn’t even recognize
The One who caused the dead to rise was right in front of me
What a glorious collision when You came

You turned it around, death became life
Everything changed when You came into sight
The heartache was gone, the pain was undone
With just one touch of Your glorious love

You turned it around
You turned it around

Now I celebrate the miracle You did that day
All my tears You wiped away
You filled me with Your joy
Now I praise Your name
The name that’s stronger than the grave
The name that has the power to save
And set the captives free
Oh the name of Jesus

You turned it around
Just one touch from You and all things are new
You reign over death and life
You are lifted high

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