Matt Redman

Worship Together

Authors: Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin, Jason Ingram

Views: 1796

Description: From the song “Songs in the Night" on the album Unbroken Praise by Matt Redman

Lead Sheet (Key Ab,G), Piano-Vocal (Key Ab, G), Orchestra (Key Ab).

Song Lyrics:

God You can tell the waves be still
Tell the ocean roar to pass
Lord until it does
I'll wait here

God You can part the raging sea
Bring the miracle I need
Lord until it comes
I'll wait here

And I will sing
Songs in the night
Praise in the storm
You're God in it all
And I will stand
I'll be still and know
Whatever may come
You're God in it all

And so when I am in the storm
Lord the storm is not in me
You will be my peace
I'll wait here
I'll wait here

Your love
Your love
Won't leave me in the shadows
Oh Your love
Your love
Forever by my side
I will not be afraid
You are my song in the night