Christy Nockels

Worship Together

Authors: Nathan Nockels, Christy Nockels

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Description: From the song “If You Never” on the Christy Nockels album: Let it Be Jesus.

Piano-Vocal, Lead Sheet, Orchestra Keys: D, Db, Eb (ORCH ONLY Db)

Song Lyrics:

Just when my world caved to nothing
You came on the horizon
Shining with Your love so bright
You came in all of Your glory
You’re re-writing the story now
I was dead, but now I’m alive
If You never did another thing for me
It will always be enough that You set me free
Always be enough that You gave Your life
Jesus, You are mine
You give Your peace like a river
When I’m bound, You deliver me
From Your presence where could I go
You never sleep, never slumber
You’re so faithful to cover me
But Jesus,
I just want You to know
I know You are mine
All day You are mine
I know You are mine
All I’ll ever need
All I’ll ever need
In a world so unstable
You keep setting a table here
Inviting me to rest in Your grace
To drink of all of Your goodness