Integrity Music

Authors: Nico Perez, Garrett Chynoweth, Jarrod Gipson

Views: 1678

Description: From the song “We Are Yours"

Chord Chart Key C

Song Lyrics:

More transformation, less of the same
More of you Jesus leading the way
More of your presence, Less of our pride
More of your children coming to life

Age to age, Everlasting
Savior king, Healing mercy
Everything, Jesus we are Yours

Holy one, Righteous worthy
Lord of lords, King of all kings
Majesty, Jesus we are Yours

Jesus we are Yours

More faith in struggle less fear in drought
More of you Jesus consuming our doubt
More of your spirit less of my shame
More of your loved ones shouting your name

We are yours, we are yours, Your love endures
Jesus we’re yours

More of Your spirit less of my shame
More of Your loved ones shouting your name
More of Your promise less of our lies
More of Your freedom In Jesus Christ


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