Integrity Music

Authors: Garrett Chynoweth, Will Retherford, Seth Enos

Views: 1866

Description: From the song “Light Up The World."

Chord Chart Key D

Song Lyrics:

Savior, Your passion beckons me
So fill this heart, set these dry bones free
Father, You're welcome here

Come flood this place, make this holy ground

Light up the world, clear the darkness out
Spirit of God, we welcome You now

Come, Holy Spirit
Would You come, Holy Spirit
Would You rain down
Rain down on me!

Spirit fall down, rain Your glory
Come have Your way, come have Your way
Father hear us, crying for You, to
Come have Your way, come have Your way!

Holy are You, Lord
Holy is Your Name
With everything I've got
My heart will sing
How I love


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