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Authors: Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes, Luke Hellebronth, Evan Wickham

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Description: From the album "Set Apart".

Lead Sheet and PVG Keys: B, G, F.

Song Lyrics:

You saved me at the cross, and for eternity
The story of Your love remains
Where death has called my name
Your mercy overcame
The power of Your blood can heal this broken heart

We stand forgiven
You have washed us whiter than snow
Your cross is enough
All of heaven celebrates Your glorious love
Your cross is enough

For everything You've done, and all that is to come
Jesus, we will praise You
There's nothing we can do, there's nothing we can say
To make You love us more, it's only by Your grace

And oh, how we love You
For the cross we love You
And oh, how we love You, our God