Desperation Band

Integrity Music

Authors: Jon Egan, Caleb Culver

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Description: From the album "Banner".

Chord Chart key C.

Song Lyrics:

In your eyes
A love like rain
Healing floods
I can't contain

In your heart
A love like fire
Where it burns
I'm purified

Jesus, Jesus
I run to, I run to
And Fall into you

From your hands
Open wide
Scarred and strong
I can’t deny

On your face
Hope and grace
Just one look
All proclaim

Every night, every day
I need you
Every breathe, every step
I need you
In the joy, in the pain
I need you

From your hands
Every perfect gift
Scarred and kind
Open wide

On your face
Hope and grace
Just one look
And all proclaim

On that day
Love was slain
On the cross
All seemed lost

The veil was torn (your majesty)
You made a way (tore the veil)
Hope was born


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