Dustin Smith

Integrity Music

Authors: Dustin Smith, Chris Clayton

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Description: From the album "Coming Alive".

Lead Sheet and Chord Chart key D.

Song Lyrics:

My help comes from the Lord
Maker of heaven and earth
He will not let me fall
He holds true to His word

Neither sun by day
Nor moon by night
Will harm or hide me from His sight
So let this be the song I sing
Let this be the song I sing

I will lift my eyes
For I know who holds my life
Both now and forevermore
He will guard my steps
He will be refuge and rest
Both now and forevermore

My strength comes from the Lord
Protector of my soul
In Him I place my trust
In Him I find my hope
Coming in or going out
Without fear, without doubt
This will be the song I sing
This will be the song I sing

Look to the mountains here He comes
Creation shouts for all He’s done