Dustin Smith

Integrity Music

Authors: Michael W. Smith, Dustin Smith, Seth Mosley

Views: 1677

Description: From the album "Coming Alive".

Lead Sheet and Chord Chart key D.

Song Lyrics:

Ringing through the ages
Echoing through nations
Rising like the morning light
Darkness cannot hide it
Death cannot deny it
Hear our anthem ever rise

Though prisons bars and martyrs flames
Try to silence this refrain
Heaven hears a greater Hallelujah

He’s alive
Our King has won, our King has won
He’s alive, He will reign forever
Saints arise
With every breath in our lungs lift it high
He’s alive, He’s alive

Our great hope and anchor
Is this risen Savior
Once for all our sin atoned
He laid on the altar
All of hell to conquer
And now He sits upon His throne

His blood shed for you and me
Has become our victory
His resurrection is our hallelujah

Let hearts come wide awake
Like resurrection day
He’s alive now, He’s alive now
Let voices shake the ground
Let heaven hear the sound
He’s alive now