Dustin Smith

Integrity Music

Authors: Stuart Garrard, Dustin Smith, Kyle Lee

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Description: From the album "Coming Alive".

Lead Sheet and Chord Chart key C.

Song Lyrics:

You broke every chain and purchased our freedom
You unlocked our voices, now we are singing
Awakened our hearts and showed us how
To dance on these chains and live in Your freedom

You rescued our lives and lifted our heads up
You opened our eyes to see all Your goodness
You came in like a raging flood
Overwhelming us with Your great love

We’re coming alive

We’re coming alive, we’re coming alive now
Your voice is like thunder shaking our walls down
We’re coming alive, we’re coming alive now
Breathe Your life into these bones
So we can run to Your light and sing of freedom

Can you hear the dry bones shake
Can you see the signs of life
Sleeping armies come awake
Let a song of faith arise