Glenn Packiam

Integrity Music

Authors: Jennie Lee Riddle, Glenn Packiam

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Description: From the album "The Mystery of Faith".

Lead Sheet and Piano-Vocals key B

Verse 1
Your body was given for all the broken of the world
Now by Your wounds we are made whole
Your blood was spilled for us
This is the hope of guilty souls
Now from Your hands forgiveness flows

Chorus 1
Christ has died Christ is risen
Christ will come again
This is the mystery of faith that we proclaim

Verse 2
Your Spirit now fills us
With You we've come from death to life
We are Your body one in Christ
We wait for Your coming
The hope of glory will descend
And bring a Kingdom without end

Let it rise let it rise
With one voice we're singing

Alleluia alleluia thanks be to our God