Covenant Worship

Integrity Music

Authors: Israel Houghton, David Binion, Joshua Dufrene, Colin Edge

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Description: From the album "Kingdom (Live)".

Lead Sheet, Piano-Vocals and Chord Chart key E.

Verse 1
Oh Lord would You come close
Ev'rything else can wait
I am here for You alone
This is the time and place

Chorus 1
(So) Don't be far from me
I'm here waiting on You
God I'm not moving
I'm here waiting (on You)

Verse 2
Oh Lord when You draw near
Ev'rything else will fade
Distractions disappear fear has been swept away
So here I am with lifted hands
I'm crying out to You again

Misc 1
You are near always near to the broken-hearted
You are faithful and true oh
You are good always good
I'm standing on Your promise
(And) I will wait I will wait for You