Life Worship

Integrity Music

Authors: Matthew Hooper, Jock James, Sem Schaap, Jon Headley, Joel Harding

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Description: From the album "Dance Again".

Lead Sheet key G.

Song Lyrics:

We come together now to bring a sacrifice, an offering
of praises to the One who reigns forever.

So, here and now, with grateful hearts, we sing to him who rescued us;
Every heart and every life will praise Him.

Come all you saints, lift Him higher,
Our God is here, our God is Greater.
Come all you saints, lift His name up

Higher, higher.
Higher, higher.
Higher, higher.

As we praise, light invades the darkest night;
Faith will rise, hope will flood our hearts.
As we praise, every chain of fear will break;
Freedom reigns as You are lifted high.


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