Lincoln Brewster

Integrity Music

Authors: Mia Fieldes, Lincoln Brewster

Views: 1956

Description: From the album "Oxygen".

Lead Sheet and Chord Chart key D

Song Lyrics:

You never stop
You never stop reaching
To the place I am
On and on
You, You keep on reminding me
I'm in Your hands

So write it down
Right on my heart so
I won't forget it
I won't forget it

No matter what
Your love it won't fail me
No matter what
Your love is unchanging
Your love, Your love
Your love is unending
No matter what
You never stop, never stop

You meet me here
You meet me before
I even call Your name
I feel You near
I feel You surround me
And I'm not afraid

Even when the darkness
Feels like the hardest place
It can’t take Your love away
Even when the silence seems
Like You’re far away
It can’t take Your love away