Lincoln Brewster

Integrity Music

Authors: Mia Fieldes, Lincoln Brewster, Colby Wedgeworth

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Description: From the album "Oxygen".

Lead Sheet and Chord Chart Key E

Song Lyrics:

Come on let's turn it up
We're gonna sing it out
For all the world to hear
There's love for everyone
A new day has begun
Something to shout about

Let it be known that our God saves
Our God reigns
We lift You up up
Let it be known that love has come
Love has won
We lift You up up up

Nothing can stop us now
No one can keep us down
We've found our voice again
No need for fear and shame
There's power in His name
Come on let freedom reign

We lift Your name up
Higher and higher
We lift Your name up
We shout Your name out
Louder and louder
We shout it out now