Chris Tomlin

Worship Together

Authors: Matt Redman, Matt Maher, Jason Ingram, Chris Tomlin, Louie Giglio

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Description: From the album "Passion: Here For You".

Lead Sheet and PVG Keys: G, Eb, C

Song Lyrics:

Kindness will lead us to freedom
Safe from the weight of the world
If glory is grace You've perfected
Then grace have Your way in me

You restore my soul
You're breathing Your life into me
You restore my soul

And Your love won
We come alive in Your Son
Raised to the heights
Love like no other a symphony
You're singing over me

Lifted from failure to promise
Rescued from burden to peace
You call for this wanderer to follow
Gave me a new song to sing

Songs of freedom
Songs of healing
You're for me
You are for me

Every promise
Never failing
You're for me
You are for me