Description: A great solution for smaller churches and ministries on a budget. Harmony is innovative and unique. Harmony was the first worship presentation software to use Quartz Compositions, the first to have motion lyrics, and with version 2.0, the first to support a series of networked confidence monitors.

Concord - Eliminate paper with the Concord add-on for Mac and iOS. When Harmony displays lyrics, Concord stations display those lyrics too. No setup. It just works.

LyricDance - Put your lyrics in motion as you sing.

Full media support - Still images, movies and Quartz Compositions are all supported as backgrounds.

Widescreen support - Harmony intelligently scales everything to the size and aspect ratio of the projector, TV or monitor that it is attached to.

SongSelect Import with autologon - Import songs from CCLI's SongSelect without leaving Harmony. Harmony can securely store your SongSelect username and password for automatic access.

Build services - Gather your songs, scripture verses and media for each service. All previous services are easily accessible.

Live search - Get search results instantly by entering words from a song title, a song writer’s name or perform a full text search of all song lyrics.

Scripture - Use all of the popular translations through integration with Accordance Bible.

Nursery Call - Parents of children who require attention can be called by placing their child’s check in number on top left corner of the presentation.

Do anything at any moment - Because anything can happen, Harmony is designed to get you to any song or media item in a flash.

Preview Window - If you don’t always have a second monitor or projector handy, Harmony will provide a smaller preview on a single monitor system.


Mac OS X 10.7.3 or later An Apple Mac capable of supporting 2 monitors and Quartz Extreme SongSelect importing requires a subscription from CCLI and Internet connection Scripture requires Accordance Bible from OakTree Software

No Longer Available for Purchase