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Description: This Guidebook is a simple training resource designed to cast vision for visual worship to those who are designing media for projection. It’s designed not only for the one person who does everything but for team environments as well. Use this tool to start the visual worship conversation at your church, to set a standard for vision and purpose, and to introduce a fresh language for your tech, creative & worship ministries. This is a 30-page, 9,000 word eBook that serves as the perfect primer & introduction for those beginning their journey of visual worship. It’s designed in a way that both volunteers & pastors can easily read & appreciate. It contains a summary of visual worship philosophy as well as practical advice & guidelines to follow when designing your media for projection. The 2013 Revised Edition includes a new visual design unique for reading on the iPad. And the verbiage has been updated, too. When you purchase it from WorshipHouse, you will receive a bundle of both iBooks & PDF files. LICENSING EVERY COPY IS LICENSED FOR GROUPS – This guidebook was designed to be read & processed in community. If you are a leader of a team at a church or organization, we encourage you to share this guidebook with your team either electronically or in print. But please note that this group/site license does NOT apply to campuses, satellite locations, church plants, video venues or educational institutions. Each purchased copy is restricted to one geographical location.


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