The Work of the People


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Description: K. Hall describes a journey that is made through the terrain of our souls. These journeys leave “imprints” that remain with us “across mountainsides or laying low in the valley.” Whether we know it our not, God’s presence is with us in our triumphs and even our defeats. How has God blessed us in every step of our journey? How do our lives “affect” God, in that God is “moved” to encourage our steps? In other words, our lives are a blessing to God. If this was true, then what blessing can we receive in knowing this? K. Hall talks about the “restorative” path that we are on. How is the point of our journey one toward restoration and wholeness? How can we take steps toward this goal? Even though we might not be able to see the path ahead of us, K. Hall encourages us that the “Way is well lit/ the Pathway, straightforward.” If Christ is the “Way,” then how is this a well-lit path? How can others help us to see Christ better or encourage our steps toward path we call, the Christ?


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