VBS IS COMING! Are You Ready!?

Vacation Bible School is one of the biggest church-wide and community-wide events of the year for KidMin. Are you ready? If you’ve ever been involved in a VBS, you know just how much work goes into preparing. We’ve put together a few ideas to help you get the ball rolling.

Promote, Promote, Promote! – The key to a successful Vacation Bible School is to make sure you get the word out. Post signs at local restaurants, daycares, and grocery stores. You may also consider posting an article in your local newspaper. Don’t forget that a church Facebook or website is an excellent way to spread the word. It really doesn’t matter how you advertise; it just matters that you reach as many kids as you can.

Gather a Team – Having a supportive team around you is going to be so important to making this Vacation Bible School successful. They don’t all have to be adults! Ask your youth pastor if you can borrow a few teenagers for the week. They are typically good sports about acting crazy for kids. Come up with a list of what jobs need to be done and then delegate those jobs to your team. If everyone has a job and knows exactly what to do, it will make VBS a breeze! Need help getting volunteers? Check out this hilarious new video from Skit Guys Studios.

Pick Your Media – It’s no secret that WorshipHouse Kids has some pretty great media for your KidMin. Our Vacation Bible School Store is up and running to help you find exactly what you’re looking for to pump up your services! Check out the Super Summer Pre-Service Show 5 Pack by Digital Felt Productions. It includes five interactive game videos that work well as service openers and will get all the kids involved. You also don’t want to miss the new Safari Adventure Collection by Playback Media. It includes a fun countdown full of games, 11 motions and 11 stills to get your kids ministry engaged and active.

No matter what theme you choose, or what media you use, it’s important to remember the goal of Vacation Bible School. If even one child accepts the Lord into their heart, it was all worth it. We are excited that you’ve chosen us to help you prepare. We are sure that this will be a great event for your KidMin, your church, and your community.


6 Free Resources for February

Forget cheesy greeting cards, teddy bears, and chocolate (okay, maybe still grab a bar of chocolate)! It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and the ChurchMediaBlog has plenty of new free resources to share! This month’s freebies include two mini-movies, a vivacious countdown, a stock video, and a massive service package consisting of a countdown, welcome slides, motion and still backgrounds. Don’t forget to share these marvelous resources with your media-loving friends!

Service Pack: Volume 17 by Centerline New Media – Service Package

cnm-Service_Pack_Volume_17Download the free Service Package at WorshipHouseMedia.com.

Wave of Wisdom by Tinbuktoons – Mini-Movie

waveofwisdomDownload the free Mini-Movie at WorshipHouseKids.com.

Missing the Boat by Centerline New Media – Mini-Movie

missingtheboatDownload the free Mini-Movie at SermonSpice.com.

Party Volume Countdown by James Grocho – Countdown

partyvolumecountdownDownload the free countdown at VideosForYouth.com.

Stock Video by PEARL – Stock Video

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 1.53.49 PMDownload the free stock video at LightStock.com.


Media to Love

It’s easy to treat Valentine’s Day simply as a day that we say, “I love you” to those whom we care for.  However, its rich tradition of love dates back far into the early years of faith, roughly 2nd century CE, with Valentine of Terni. The tradition has always been about sacrificing for others in order to reveal a God that is constantly sacrificing for us.  The Creator is the ultimate expression of this Love that we celebrate and we are called to carry that representation forward into other’s lives. This is what we celebrate. We wanted to highlight a few of our favorite media products that bring this message home. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Get your congregation focused on love with this mini-movie by Centerline New Media.


Pull your service together with this smooth theme pack by benwubbleyou. It includes welcome slides, a countdown, motion and still backgrounds, plus two animated type motions for two of the most popular verses on love. valentinestheme

Your #kidmin will love singing this sweet song track by Yancy.