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Technology changes ministry

I found a great video that was created by Michael Wesch, assistent professor of Anthropology at Kansas State University. It does a great job visually of summarizing the changes that have lead us to Web 2.0. If you aren’t familiar with that term, you know what it is, and you have probably participated in it this week, you just may not have been aware that it is called Web 2.0.

I think the web (2.0) is greatly extending where and how we collaborate. We have always shared and we have always had our culture within a culture. Now those cultures are being redefined, most of the time without us being aware of it.
I thinks these changes and developments can and really should be embraced by us doing ministry. What if in 10 years, kids that are in junior high now, want to “collaborate and participate” in every aspect of church life? I am afraid they will find a pastoral staff my age (I am 31 now) that is confused and say “No, you stay away, this is our job.” I am talking about the confusion of my seniors who don’t get why I didn’t want to be in the Christmas Pageant, or why I disagreed with “Special Music.”

Man.. I’m afraid I am getting old.

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