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How to Control Sound in ProPresenter 6 with Audio Bin

ProPresenterDid you know that ProPresenter can control audio? The Audio Bin in ProPresenter gives you the ability to independently control the playback of audio in different ways to fit the needs of a variety of productions.

The audio bin allows you to control audio playlists directly from inside the program without having to rely on an outside application to play music or sound effects.

To open the Audio Bin, click on the Audio icon in the toolbar, select Audio Bin from the View menu, or press Control + A.

There are four components of the Audio Bin. At the top are playback controls. Any audio file played from the Audio Bin or added directly to a slide are controlled from here.

The top part of the Audio Bin lists the folders and playlists used to organize audio files. All audio files added to the bin are listed under Library, but can then be sorted into individual playlists. To add a folder or playlist, click on the action menu button.

The lower section lists all the songs or sound effects in the selected playlist. Clicking on the name of a file will trigger the audio to start playing. You can change the columns shown by right-clicking on one of the headers (Title, Artist, Duration) and unchecking the options you don’t want.

A search box allows you to quickly locate any item in the Audio Bin.

Clicking the plus button at the bottom of the Audio Bin will open a Finder window for you to select the tracks you want to import. You can also drag files directly from the Finder into the Audio Bin.

You can also specify that audio from the bin or a selected playlist can be shuffled by clicking the Shuffle button at the bottom right corner.

Audio Tracks are full-length songs. Only one audio track can be played at a time. If you have a song in the Audio Bin, you can drag it directly to a slide or to the timeline to link it with a specific presentation.

Sound Effects are short audio files that do not require full audio control. Multiple sound effects can be played simultaneously. These files can only be stopped with the Clear Audio or Clear All command.

The type of audio file is selected by default based on audio length. Longer files are Audio Tracks and shorter files are Sound Effects. Right-click on the file to bring up a contextual menu to change the audio files type.

If you want to change the playback behavior, you have three options: Loop, Go to Next, and Stop. To change the behavior, right-click on the file and select the Behavior menu.

Either audio type can be dragged onto a slide to create an Audio Cue in the same manner as media cues. When a slide with an audio-cue clip is clicked, it will automatically play the audio clip. These clips are controlled by the playback controls in the Audio Bin.


Instructions from ProPresenter manual

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