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Top 10 Stage Designs of 2016

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Stage designs can draw the congregation in for an intimate time of worship and engagement, or it may repel them from the desired outcome like opposite ends of a magnet. For those of you who create stage designs on a regular basis, I can only imagine the range of emotions you experience. From excitement in the concept stage, to relief and a sense of fulfillment in the production stage, and those emotions in between when you are trying to coordinate, build, fit, and wire different aspects of the design, the fact remains that what you do as a stage designer is a critical part of the worship experience.

Over at Church Stage Design Ideas, I ran across this article highlighting the top stage designs as found on their site for the past year. I’m always excited and encouraged to see how other people are designing their stages and working to glorify Christ. Check out this post and let me know what you think. While I like most of the concepts, Thin Lines stood out to me as a good mix of modern, earthy, and authentic. What do you think?

The Top 10 Stage Designs of 2016

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