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8 Steps on How to Coil Cables Like a Ninja

cablesWe all know that what it’s like to pick up a cord only to find it tangled with thirteen other cables, looking as if it has multiple loops itself. To borrow a saying from the fishing world, it looks like a rat’s nest on my bait caster reel! This is no fun when you need to move quickly and meet deadlines. What can we do about it? We can learn and then we can train.

Hopefully, we know NOT to tightly wrap a cable under our elbow and over our hands in order to get a “seemingly” good coil. Once the tension is let off, the nice looking coil goes away and the rat’s nest shows up again. Also, it’s not good for the wiring inside of the cables to force them into an unnatural coil. So, how do we coil cables? I’m glad you asked. Simply use the Over/Under method. Follow along and you’ll be doing it in no time!

8 Steps

  1. To begin, lay the cable out in a straight line.
  2. Hold the end of the cable so it’s pointing away from you in your left hand and with your thumb on top, also pointing away from you.
  3. With your right hand, grab the cable with your thumb on top pointing in the same direction as your left thumb.
  4. Naturally, bring your right hand to your left, and the cable will wrap around with what we call an over wrap.
  5. Hold the loop with your left hand.
  6. Rotate your right hand so your palm is up and your right thumb is pointing in the opposite direction of your left thumb, and grab the cable.
  7. Bring your right hand to your left hand while rotating your hand in a counter-clockwise fashion until your thumb is pointing in the direction it was when you started. This creates the under wrap.
  8. Create an over loop, then an under loop, and so on and so on until the cable is wrapped.


  • Cables will last longer
  • Cables will store flat
  • Cables will unwind nicely without any loops
  • You’ll feel like a professional!

Now, get out there and teach everyone how to wind cables up like a ninja!

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